Tractor Driver/Wheel Loader Operator job at Sanergy


  • Full Time


We are seeking an experienced Wheel Loader to join our team in Kinanie, AthiRiver.


• Follow weekly shift plans and daily set production schedules to execute all assigned tasks as per the work instructions.
• Performing Autonomous Maintenance tasks on the wheel loader daily
• Performing Autonomous Maintenance checks on all vehicles on site as well as attachments which include windrow turners, front-loaders, forklifts and other site vehicles
• Attend scrum meetings and other sessions called by the line manager to discuss and resolve work challenges
• Proactively propose to your supervisor possible solutions to challenges affecting productivity, quality, health & safety in your work area
• Lead workmen (turnboys or juniors) at your section to resolve agreed issues
• Actively support and be involved in maintenance activities related to all site vehicles i.e wheel loader, tractors, forklifts and associated attachments”
• Meet biweekly with your supervisor to review and set expectations for your performance
• Meet biweekly with your reports to review and the set expectations for their performance
• Report your sections performance against set production schedules to your supervisor on a daily basis on the established platforms
• Training new or existing wheel loader /vehicle drivers on the operation of all vehicles (tractor/forklift/wheel loader) and attachments
• Work with other section leads to ensure that processes run in sync as per the production schedule
• Lead your teammates in your section to execute daily production schedules
• Attend and actively participate all team meetings
• Maintain effective working relationships through treating your colleagues with respect
• Resolved misunderstandings and report unresolved issues with suggestions to your Supervisor or talent partner
• Report any complaints or concerns raised by existing customers or any other member of the community
• Adhere to set shift plans and work orders.
• Proactively ask or seek clarification from your Supervisor on any areas of work that are unclear
• Openly share ideas during scrum and team meetings on how current processes can be improved
• Participate in new improvements initiatives as assigned by your supervisor
• Use resources assigned to you sparingly as per the resource plan shared by your Supervisor
• Use and handle assigned company assets as per set policy
• Conduct scheduled Gemba walks in your area/section to identify opportunities for process improvement
• Coach fellow workmen and support them to understand the process and equip them to detect and/or challenges/variances in the line of their day to day duties
• Conduct scrum meetings at your section

Skills and qualifications you’ll need :
• Valid driver’s license with appropriate vehicle class qualifications to operate forklifts and wheel loader including attachments
• At least 2 years experience in operation of wheel loader and attachments (e.g. windrow turners, crawlers, trailers, wagons)
• Diploma will be an added advantage
• Experience in basic wheel loader maintenance will be an added advantage


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