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Role Summary
Provide leadership and ensure efficiency and quality radiographic services.
Duties and Responsibilities
• Empowering and motivating staff to perform to the optimum
• Advising management on radiographic advancements and changes
• Monitoring continuous radiation checks
• Maintenance and sanitation of the radiographic equipment.
• Operating CT scan and or X-ray equipment to capture diagnostic images of patients’ internal organs and tissues.
• Correct positioning of patients to scan specific areas of their bodies
• Performing warm-up sequences on the CT scanner to prolong the life of the x-ray tubes
• Cleaning and sterilizing CT scan and x-ray equipment to ensure safety of patients.
• Understanding and interpreting of doctors scanning instructions accurately
• Administer radio contrast agents to patients to enhance the visibility of internal organs and tissues.
• Assessing CT scans to determine whether they are of good technical quality.
• Taking patients through the scanning procedure to ensure their comfort and providing support throughout the process.
• Preparing examination room and ensuring it is clean and sterile.
• Continuous monitoring of patients through the procedure while following procedures to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation.
• Formulating daily procedure schedules for emergency case and walk-in clients
• Keeping tabs on supplies and ordering stock on time
• Filling out the required paperwork on the patients’ records and other relevant documentation as required by the hospital’s management.
• Implement continuous improvement procedures and personal education
Qualification and Key Competencies
• Diploma in Medical Imaging Sciences from a recognized institution
• Registration with the Radiation Protection Board.
• Minimum of three years’ relevant experience
• Certificate of Good Conduct
How to Apply
• Interested candidates are requested to fill and submit the online application form on;
• Ensure to upload all your certificates and CV.
• We as an institution are conducting the interviews as we receive the applications and have not engaged the services of any recruitment agency.
• We do not charge fees at any stage of our recruitment process.


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