How to Write a Job Application Email that Gets Noticed

1. How to Write a Formal Email for a Job Application

It is crucial that you use a professional email address. Your name is ideal. Therefore, is better than If a hiring manager sees the latter address, he/she will NOT take you seriously; and rightly so!

2. Errors to Avoid in a Job Application Email

It is WAY too easy to blunder when writing a job application email! Here are a few mistakes to avoid:


  • Forgetting the Attachment: Writing your email and forgetting to include your CV and cover letter is criminal neglect! Avoid it by preparing your template email in a draft with the CV and cover letter already attached. Simply personalise each email and send.
  • Not Changing the Template: By doing this, you end up sending an email to Smith Enterprises that outlines how much you want to work for Johnson’s Electricals! It is a clear sign that your email is a template and it will be binned by the recipient.
  • Failure to Check Your Content Before Sending: If your email says you “speak proper England because I’m a freshly graduated degree,” do you think you’ll get the job?

3. Formal Language in a Job Application Email

It is easy to get carried away and write in a ‘formal’ manner in a job application email. Writing your email casually is disrespectful and will eliminate you from contention immediately. Rather than beginning with ‘hello’ or ‘hi,’ address the recipient as “Dear Mr./Ms. [Their surname]’. Contact the company to find out the name of the person conducting the hiring process if necessary.

Your entire email body must be professional and informal, and you should end the email with a ‘Regards’ instead of ‘Cheers.’


4. Best Subject Line for a Job Application Email

Those who send marketing emails always highlight the need for an attention-grabbing subject line. Writing ‘job application’ isn’t exactly going to pique the interest of the reader. Instead, make sure you include your name along with the position you intend on applying for. If the job post has a reference number, add it to the subject line to make it easy for recruiters to associate your email with a specific role.

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5. Email Body for a Job Application

In the email body, outline your knowledge of the role along with information that shows you know a little something about the company and what it does. Write about why you believe you are qualified for the gig and include your desire to schedule an interview or even a phone call where you can learn more about the job. If you do this, make sure you include clearly defined timeframes.


6. How to Close a Job Application Email Properly

After expressing your intent to learn more about the job, conclude by thanking the reader for their time, and end with a ‘Best Regards’ or ‘Yours Sincerely.’ Make sure you also add a professional electronic signature. Ideally, you will include your name, address, email, and phone number in it. Triple check for grammar and spelling, and also to ensure the right attachments are included and click ‘Send.’

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7. Job Application Email Template

Subject: Joan Rivers – Software Developer – Job #180245

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I have 7 years of experience as a Software Developer at Greene Giant, but once I saw that there was an opening at Johnson’s, I applied immediately because of your firm’s sterling reputation for developing new and innovative software.

I am aware that your company tests a wide variety of software and applications before they are released. As I know the manner in which they were programmed, I will be able to rapidly find all bugs and errors that compromise the security of the software.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, I worked at Greene Giant where I have been since leaving University. I designed and programmed the engineering software used by students in Ireland’s third-level institutions. I have enjoyed my time at Greene Giant, but I am looking for the exciting new challenge offered by Johnson’s.

I have enclosed a CV, cover letter, and educational certificates for your consideration. I would love to discuss this role with you further, and I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding this application.

Yours Sincerely

Samantha James

11 Grove Street, Dublin


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8. Quick Final Tips for Your Job Application Email

  • Save all CVs and cover letters in the right format. Although Irish employers prefer PDFs, you can save in Word Doc form if the job posting says it is permissible.
  • Certain employers ask candidates to pitch their case in a specific number of characters like Twitter, so learn how to write with brevity to sell your skills adequately.
  • If you are not sending a cover letter (NOT recommended), create your cover letter within the email’s body instead. The more the company knows about you, the more likely it is to acknowledge that you’re a good fit.
  • Never use your current work email address to send a job application email! Most firms monitor email communications so if you are caught, expect to be severely disciplined.
  • Make sure you check everything before you send. Pay special attention to the name of the hiring manager and the name of the company.