Best Fields/Industries to Consider When Choosing an Internship

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Best Fields/Industries to Consider When Choosing an Internship
Here are a few of the most popular internship fields or industries to choose from:

  1. Arts Internships – Fine arts, Performing arts, Internships at museums
  2. Business Internships – Supply chain, logistics, or administration
  3. Business Management Internships – Focuses primarily on the leadership side of a corporation
  4. Design Internships – Interior design, architecture, graphic design
  5. Engineering Internships – Civil engineering, industrial engineering
  6. Fashion Internships – Photoshoots, production management
  7. Finance Internships – Accounting, corporate tax
  8. HR Internships – Human resource analyst, researcher, generalist, manager
  9. IT Internships – Web development, cybersecurity, mobile app development
  10. Law Internships – Paralegal, environmental law, international law
  11. Marketing Internships – Digital marketing, advertising
  12. Medical Internships – Psychiatry, clinical research
  13. Nonprofit Internships – NGO, human rights
  14. Political Internships – Legislative aide, White House internship
  15. Sales Internships – Commercial sales, consumer sales, market intelligence



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