How to be a Law Student in Kenya (Bachelor of Laws – LLB)

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Pursuing a career in Law in Kenya is easy so as long as your KCSE grades quantify with the minimum requirements needed to secure admission in one of the recognized universities in Kenya.

Key Subject

The most important subjects required in order to secure admission as a law student is:

  1. English
  2. Kiswahili

This means that you must score a minimum of a B in any of the mentioned subjects.

Cluster Subjects

    ENG / KIS
    MAT A / MAT B / BIO / PHY / CHE / BIO / GSC
    HAG / GEO / CRE / IRE / HRE
    BIO / PHY / CHE / BIO / GSC / HAG / GEO / CRE / IRE / HRE / HSC / ARD / AGR / WW / MW / BC / PM / ECT / DRD / AVT / CMP / FRE / GER / ARB / KSL / MUC / BST

Cut-Off Points

Cut-off points are derived from the four cluster subjects that the student scored highest from every cluster category. Each subject has a maximum of 12 cluster points representing A-grade and a minimum of 1 cluster point representing E-Grade.

In the 2019 KUCCPS placement, University of Embu admitted students with the lowest cluster points of 34.914 while the University of Nairobi, admitted with the highest cluster points at 41.880 followed closely by Kenyatta University at 41.336 then Jomo Kenyatta University at 40.676.

The factors that determines the minimum cluster points that a student should acquire for placement are demand for course, University policy and maybe policy from the Law Society of Kenya.

Duration / Time Scope

Bachelors degree (LLB) takes four years to complete upon which, the graduate must then join Law School of Kenya to pursue a diploma in Kenyan laws. Diploma in Laws programme shall be offered for 4 semesters and shall consist of not less than 24 units. The programme shall not be less than 2 academic years and not more than 4 years on full time or part time basis.

In total, to legitimately pursue laws in Kenya and be an advocate of the court of law, it will take utmost seven years of learning and practising law.

Universities that Offer Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

  1. Nairobi University
  2. Kenyatta University
  3. Jomo Kenyatta University
  4. Moi University
  5. Egerton University
  6. Catholic University of East Africa
  7. African Nazarene University
  8. Chuka University
  9. Daystar University
  10. Kabarak University
  11. Kisii University
  12. MT. Kenya University
  13. Riara University
  14. UMMA University
  15. University of Embu

Nature of Jobs that a Lawyer does

  1. Legal officer in a Company
  2. Ombudsman
  3. Advocate in the Court of Law
  4. Owning a Law Firm
  5. A lawyer can serve in the military and police as a legal advisor or advocate in Law Courts
  6. Prosecutor / Clerk in the Court of Law
  7. Magistrate
  8. Judge
  9. Chief Justice
  10. Attorney General
  11. Speaker in the County Assembly or National Assembly
  12. Director of Prosecution (DPP)
  13. Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Legal affairs or even Devolution Ministry
  14. A lawyer can also qualify to be the a Governor, Deputy Governor, Member of Parliament, Member of County assembly, IEBC, KACC or President of the Republic of Kenya so as long as he/she is subjected to electoral legal processes.

How to Apply for LLC.

  1. For self-sponsored students, visit the website of any University you want to join and check on admissions.
  2. For Government Sponsored Students, Visit the KUCCPS Student’s Portal and make applications.

For more information about Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Visit KUCCPS Degree Programs

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