Head of Stores Job

Job Type : Fixed Term Employment

Position Overview
  • This position is responsible for the overall store management. The successful candidate will be able to enhance customer satisfaction, meet sales and profitability goals and manage staff effectively.

Required Education & Experience

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Financial Management, or equivalent.
  2. 3-5 years working experience as a head of stores in a FMCG specifically in Agri-Business.
  3. 2 years relevant experience in Business administration with 1 year at leadership level.
  4. Completeknowledge of all the fruits and vegetables that KwikBasket deals with, including scope of adopting new products e.g.: tofu on the platform.
  5. Complete knowledge of the best storage practices for each product. Optimal storing practices, shelf life for each product.
  6. Complete understanding of stock levels/ designated supervisors and their roles, stores assistants and their roles, as well as all other staff members who are reporting directly to the head of stores and the deputy. (includes drivers).
  7. 2 years of overall Stores and distribution experience in a systems-oriented environment.
  8. Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  9. Agricultural background.
  10. Extensive experience with preparing budgets, and financial and expense reports.
  11. In-depth knowledge of product and consumer trends, and marketing strategies.
  12. Full understanding of client’s invoicing requirements.
  13. Familiarity with applicable labor laws, and retail health and safety standards.
Required Skills 
  1. Tactful and diplomatic problem-Solving Skills.
  2. Ability to function with a high level of autonomy.
  3. Good team player with excellent leadership skills.
  4. Excellent communication, representational and persuasive skills.
  5. Good business acumen, and strict adherence to set deadlines.
  6. Excellent prioritization skills coupled with flexibility and adaptability.

Roles & Responsibilities

1.Store Management
  • Oversees the process of produce receiving, storage and dispatch.
  • Maintain outstanding store condition and visual merchandising standards.
  • Supervise all the produce from the store before they are delivered to the customer.
  • Complete store administration and ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

2. Quality Service delivery

  • Oversees quality of work in terms of proper grading and packaging of produce before they are delivered to customers.
  • Ensure high levels of customers satisfaction through promoting excellent service.
  • Gaining full competency on KwikBasket technology. Understanding the full scope of the technology and analyzing how the technology can assist to digitize tasks.
  • Creating employee schedules, assigning schedules and responsibilities, checking to see if these responsibilities and assignments are carried through in the store.
  • Propose innovative ideas to increase performance.
  • Limit daily wastage by effectively enforcing accurate daily supply schedules.

3. Tracking & Reporting

  •  Tracking inventory level.
  • Generation of administrative reports.
  • Prepare inventory reports including stock levels for crates and any other inventory that compliments the work done
  • Report and escalate systemic issues as necessary and in a timely manner

4. Leadership & Communication

  • Manage employee performance e.g. routine performance discussions and provision of feedback. determine compensatory rewards, and administer corrective action.
  • Translate strategy into executable plans while motivating your team with clear direction by setting clear goals and KPIs each quarter.
  • Succession Planning: Develop the next leadership bench in your team through identifying and working with HR in developing your team’s talent potential e.g. coach, mentor and facilitate development of direct reports.
Contact Info
  • Email:careers@kwikbasket.com


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